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BUMP - Boosting Urban Mobility Plans

BUMP" is a project co-funded by the European Union under the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)Programme   (STEER - efficient transport).

The project goal is to support local authorities in developing sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP) by facilitating networking, mutual learning and exchange of experience between countries.

General project facts:

- Coordinator: AREA - Scientific and Technological Research Consortium of Trieste, Italy;

- 8 partner organizations : TUDO - Technical University of Dortmund, Germany CSDCS - Association "Sustainable Development of Civil Society" - Bulgaria, CIRCE - Centre for Research on resources and energy consumption - Spain Swea - Sewern Wye Energy Agency - the United Kingdom; Via Alta - Czech Republic; REC - Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe - Hungary and Poland, ALEA - Alba Local Energy Agency - Romania

- Project activities started in April 2013 and last 36 months.

Main project activities:

• Organizing  focus group meetings to adapt the general objectives of the training program to national specificities. A set of tools ("BUMP Support Package") will be develped containing measures to set up Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP), examples of good practice and instruction guides

• Trainings (capacity building, exchange of experiences, mutual learning) for public administration;

• Developing a model of sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP), adapted to the specific of each country;

• Guiding of a number of local authorities in developing SUMPs;

Project results:

• Strenghten the capacity of a large number of European municipalities to achieve SUMPs.

• 4 cities in Romania will have sustainable urban mobility plans which will be devoted to achieving an efficient and sustainable urban transport.

Sustainable Energy for Rural Communities - SUSTAINCO

The SUSTAINCO project is co-funded by the European Union under the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)Programme (call CIP-IEE-2011). The IEE Programme supports clean and sustainable solutions use anddissemination with the Europe-wide exchange of related knowledge and know-how. The project supports the ambitious European vision for the energy performance of buildings, that by 2020 all new buildings should be Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB).

General project facts:

• Project started in April 2012 - duration 36 months

• 9 project partners from 7 countries 

        North - West Croatia Regional Energy Agency REGEA - Project coordinator 

        Energy Farm EF

        Tipperary Energy Agency TEA

        Limerick Institute of Technology LIT

        Severn Wye Energy Agency SWEA

        Energiesparverband ESV

        Landesenergieverband LEV

        Alba Local Energy Agency ALEA

        Construction Technology Centre iMAT

Why SUSTAINCO project?

• Implementation of Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD – 2010/31/EU) in national legislation

• Build capacity within the partner countries through Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) implementation

• Promotion of sustainable development of rural communities through integrated approaches to design and retrofitting

• Knowledge transfer from Sustainable Energy for Rural Village Environment (SERVE-FP6 CONCERTO) project

• Informational campaign including promotion and engagement of rural regions in the Covenant of Mayors

Energy Neighbourhoods 2

It is the second enlarged and improved edition of an IEE project, awarded in 2010 by ManagEnergy, promoting energy saving in housing as a bet between local governments of cities and citizens, by which the latter needs to reduce its energy consumption by 9% in a given period.

  • Project launch: May 2011
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Coordinator: B. & S.U. mbH Berlin
  • Partner in Romania: Alba Local Energy Agency - ALEA.
  • Consortium Partners: 16 of 16 countries.
  • Key Players: Consortium partners, municipalities, support organizations (eg housing associations, utility companies, etc.).
  • Target groups: residents, municipalities, policy makers (local departments, regional, etc.

EN2 Project Objectives:

  • Consumer information and involvement in activities that lead to behavior change in terms of energy consumption;
  • Raising awareness of citizens on energy efficient products;
  • Reduced energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions;
  • Involving local authorities in the fight to reduce energy consumption, contribution to European policies on energy saving.

Sustainable Timber Action in Europe

Alba Local Energy Agency, is the Romanian partner in the project "Sustainable Timber Action in Europe" funded by the European Commission.

Overall objective: Contribute to the reduction of deforestation and forest degradation (DFD) and support the MDGs through the promotion and implementation of sustainable forest management (FM) and Fair Trade (FT) standards with main focus on public procurement policies and practices.

Specific objective(s):

  • Raise public awareness on the impact of non-sustainable and unfair production and consumption of timber (products) on DFD, affecting in particular forest communities, indigenous peoples and small producers.
  • Build capacity and promote the adoption of sustainable FM and FT as key instruments to contribute to reducing DFD and achieving the MDGs.
  • Reach a critical mass of >100 European local authorities (LAs) that systematically implement fair & sustainable timber procurement policies (FSTP) and train >110 timberrelated SMEs on sustainable FM.

Duration: 30 months

Associate in Romania (in addition to the partner - HE) Forestry Department Alba, Forestry Department Maramures Maramures National Park

Program: Europe Aid - non-governmental actors and local authorities in development.

Energy Masterplan of Alba County

Main objective  of  ALEA's activities, the energy Masterplan of Alba county is to become an indispensable tool in achieving sustainable development plans at local and county level. 

This document will deal with all energy issues: access to reliable energy, economic competitiveness, reduction  of environmental pollution due to rational use of energy.

The Masterplan was elaborated according to strategic documents at European and national level and it is based primarily on data / information collected from local governments and relevant institutions dealing with energy. It was correlated with other existing strategic documents at county level such as: the strategy for the development of the county, the local environmental action plan of the county, the waste management plan of the county, etc.

In the elaboration of the Masterplan the principles followed were: increasing energy efficiency in all types of human activity, use of renewable energy sources where their potential had already been identified, systematic promotion of energy management. 

The impact of the implementation of the Masterplan will be monitored and evaluated with development indicators: the decrease in energy intensity, the amount of emissions of greenhouse gases but also the share of green energy in the energy total.

Status of the Masterplan: Finalised, currently waiting for the approval of The National Agency for Environmental Protection.

Alba County has a wind map

Alba is the first county that has a wind map. The map was made after the professional measurements carried out for eight months,  whose results were combined with historical data of existing weather stations, data regarding Alba County area. The existence of this map is a result of cooperation between Alba County Council and GTZ.

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